As it stands, this is something between a visual diary, place to put my stress-relief doodles, and share my thoughts on current issues and science (mainly pertaining to environmental conservation). You want to know about me? If you flip through enough of the comics, you can probably pick the cartoon version of me out.



You can e-mail me at lifecomic@hotmail.com. Please limit yourselves to constructive criticism, angry rants, or adoring praise. If there's been something bothering you've been itching to get out there, and that you feel would translate into a good comic, I might also take requests.

If you have a blog, comic, youtube channel, etc. that is in line with this site please feel free to request to be linked to. I am especially interested in sites that seek to clarify common misconceptions and share new ideas- whether they be your history-major rantings on widely held historical innacuracies  or grammar-natzi rantings (if the latter you I realize you may need to combine your link request with an "angry rant" e-mail as mentioned above.



http://tearsforbears.blogspot.com/ - A friend's blog which discusses some of the ideas I portray in more detail. Usually if a comic is directly related to something discussed here, I will link to it under the comic as well.

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