Penguins in Sweaters
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Penguins in Sweaters

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Author Notes:
14th May 2012, 12:27 PM

This is a good example of a seemingly innocuous, feel-good story that is hiding a much more complicated and interesting story underneath it. If you haven't already, please read Friday's comic and its author comment.

There is a lot in this story to take apart. We see a lot about how people interact with each other, both at an individual level and in public discourse. We see the frequently discussed problems with the media industry, which is of course part of the public discourse. We even see something about human nature- the types of stories we are personally attracted to and enjoy.

Here are sources which are also listed at the bottom of the comic:

The Great Penguin Sweater Fiasco

International Bird Rescue- Sweaters on Penguins

Bay of Plenty Times- Knitting craze fails to help oil-hit wildlife

And finally, you can purchase a dressed penguin.

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